Exchange: Receive Connector Tango! – Part 2

In part 1 of this series I discussed some basic knowledge requirements to get a better grip on receive connectors in Exchange. I continue that conversation with some examples of improperly configured connectors and the issues they may cause. I finish up the discussion with a script you can use to scan your environment for such configurations. »Read More

Exchange: Auto Batching 2013 Migrations

Here is a quick script I put together for automatically creating Exchange 2013 mailbox migration batches. This is useful for the final stages of an Exchange 2013 upgrade among other things.

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Exchange Log Level GUI Script

I ran into a situation recently where I was forced to amp up the Exchange logging levels to further troubleshoot an issue with some pretty specific Exchange components. I found myself wanting a quick GUI to view and set the levels but found none. So I used this as an opportunity to learn a bit about xaml based GUIs and powershell. The result is this simple, but useful, Exchange log level GUI script which was written for Exchange 2013 but should also run on 2010.

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Exchange: Receive Connector Tango! – Part 1

Exchange receive connectors are often configured incorrectly or worse, insecurely. This is the first of a two part series about Exchange receive connectors and what to look out for when setting them up. »Read More

Lync 2013: The Many QoS Settings

There are more than a few QoS settings in Lync 2013. Here is a script which should gather most of them in a human readable format for your convenience.

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Exchange: Update Distribution Group Managers Script

A small script to automatically update distribution group owners based on an AD security group.

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Powershell Tip – Connecting With ADSI to Another Forest

Using a bit of Powershell and ADSI it is pretty easy to connect to another forest. Finding out how to do so is not very clear though. Here is what I came up with to accomplish this task.
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Powershell: Word/Excel Helper Functions

Using powershell I wrap up MS Word and Excel COM objects within a custom psobject. This object contains a handful of methods for making docx and xslx creation and manipulation easier.

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Powershell Tip: Convert HTML to PDF

There are no native methods to create a pdf file in Powershell. So I looked into outside sources for converting HTML output to PDF. I ended up using a stand alone dll and some .NET calls to achieve my goal.

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Powershell Tip: Save and Load Calculated Property Definitions

Using Export-CliXML and Import-CliXML (as well as some custom code) you can save calculated properties in a file for later use. Although the need for something like this is rather infrequent the exercise can better familiarize you with multiple Powershell techniques and concepts.

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