Powershell Tip – Connecting With ADSI to Another Forest

Using a bit of Powershell and ADSI it is pretty easy to connect to another forest. Finding out how to do so is not very clear though. Here is what I came up with to accomplish this task.
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Powershell: Word/Excel Helper Functions

Using powershell I wrap up MS Word and Excel COM objects within a custom psobject. This object contains a handful of methods for making docx and xslx creation and manipulation easier.

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Powershell Tip: Convert HTML to PDF

There are no native methods to create a pdf file in Powershell. So I looked into outside sources for converting HTML output to PDF. I ended up using a stand alone dll and some .NET calls to achieve my goal.

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Powershell Tip: Save and Load Calculated Property Definitions

Using Export-CliXML and Import-CliXML (as well as some custom code) you can save calculated properties in a file for later use. Although the need for something like this is rather infrequent the exercise can better familiarize you with multiple Powershell techniques and concepts.

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Powershell GUI Script Wrapper Utility

Creating GUIs for your scripts can be a tedious process. That is why I don’t do so for each powershell project I release. Instead of wasting my precious little free time putting together yet another GUI for a one off script I decided to create a tool which will create the GUI scripts for me automatically!

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AD Audit Report with Powershell: Part 3

This is my third and final major update to my AD auditing script. This includes a handful of new useful sections such as domain published printers, NPS servers, DHCP servers, as well as SCCM sites and DPs. Other improvements include easier to use script parameters and bug fixes.

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Exchange 2010/2013: Database Leveling Script

It is common to randomly choose mailbox databases when creating or migrating user mailboxes in Exchange. I actually recommend this practice unless you are setting up a tiered user/storage environment. Unfortunately this may result in an unequal distribution of data which, in turn, can result in an environment where mailbox databases are wildly different in size. In this post I will discuss an approach to leveling the databases so they are equal in size by moving mailboxes between them.

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Big-IP F5 LTM Load Balancer Documentation Script with Powershell

Here is a script I whipped up to perform a report on your Big-IP LTM load balancers using powershell. The report currently includes the virtual servers, pools, and various bits of status information on both. Big-IP iControl modules are needed (for obvious reasons).

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Gather (and Diagram) Installed Roles and Features With Powershell

Use this powershell script to gather installed features and roles from remote systems. This uses two wmi classes in an attempt to gather as much information as possible. Win32_ServerFeature will contain roles and their dependencies on systems running Windows 2008 and above. For these systems we can use this hierarchy to also produce pretty diagrams using graphviz and techniques I’ve exhibited in some of my other scripts (I added this last part in cause it is easy to do, not really certain how useful it is other than maybe exploring the dependencies between windows roles/features).

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Google Charts: Interactive Visualization with Powershell


In this script I use powershell to gather system volume information which is then converted into a javascript array. This array is fed into the google charts to create a semi-attractive visualization of server disk space utilization in a single html report. Although this approach is a bit unconventional the results are both fun and useful.

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