Exchange DAG Replication Report


This generates a color coded HTML report of Database replication status in Exchange 2010. The results can be immediately displayed, emailed, and saved locally. Custom thresholds can be set for copy and replay log coloring for warnings and alerts.

The resulting report contains 2 sections; the current mounted databases, and the database replication status
The database replication attributes displayed are:
Server Name
Database Name
Active Copy State
Copy Queue Length
Replay Queue Length
Content Index State

You can optionally change replay and copy queue warning (yellow) and alert (red) thresholds. I also arbitrarily set what gets flagged as a warning versus what gets flagged as an alert in the report based on the database copy status. If anyone thinks this should be different please let me know. The table is as follows:

State Reported As
Failed Alert
Seeding Warning
SeedingSource Warning
Suspended Warning
Healthy Healhty
ServiceDown Alert
Initializing Warning
Resynchronizing Warning
Mounted Healthy
Dismounted Alert
Mounting Warning
Dismounting Warning
DisconnectedAndHealthy Warning
DisconnectedAndResynchronizing Warning
FailedAndSuspended Alert
SinglePageRestore Warning

This script is based on two others which I mashed together:
Script: Exchange 2010 Architecture Report
Author: Franck Nérot

Script: Test Exchange Server Health
Author: Paul Cunningham

Version History

0.2 – 11/19/2012
– Added more DAG copy status codes from
– Added the CI database crawling code
0.1 – 11/16/2012
– Initial version


Download Here

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