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Cloud PBX: Polycom VVX Master Directory

Reverse number lookup in Skype for Business online (cloud PBX) doesn’t give you much control. If you are deploying Polycom VVX phones you can get around this with a directory file.

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Exchange 2010: Automated Firewall Rule Generation 1.2

I made a few changes to this script to make it more modular and to allow for more exceptions in regards to DAGs and sites. Enjoy!

Exchange 2010 Firewall Rule Generation Script

Exchange – Notify Forwarded Accounts Script

In cleaning up a large number of disabled user accounts in AD I wanted a way to notify a large number of users specifically that they were being forwarded e-mail from another account. This was part of an effort to clean up AD a bit before moving everyone over to Exchange 2010 but it can be used independently of any one project as part of a general AD maintenance plan.

You can download the script here,  just rename to ps1 and run from a machine with exchange 2010 EMC installed.


New Project: bridgetun.sh

I’ve been trying to get this one out for weeks but have not had a whole lot of time to do so. I’ve decided to drop what I have completed out there for those who may be interested. Simply put bridgetun is a convenient way to create tun interfaces and to bridge them (and other interfaces) together. I’d give it a once over and see if it helps with any of your dynamips labs. I’ll try to have a quick howto and explanation of why it would be useful as soon as I can but I give no promises 🙂

GNS3 on Ubuntu 8.04 – Pemu Guide

Ok, so far we have gone through the hoops to get GNS3 with dynamips/dynagen working nicely in an (almost) fully contained directory in /opt. We then went through choosing an IOS image that is right for you, if you actually have multiple legal images to choose from of course. Now lets setup a pix firewall. The PIX is out of life as far as Cisco is concerned and had been superseded by the ASA line of security devices. But, there are still a lot of the PIX around and the concepts haven’t changed too much between them. So let us go through the motions already!
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Ubuntu Server 8.04 Post Install Tip #2: Shell Goodies

OK, I promised a friend some time ago that I’d post all of my post-install procedures and I’ve not quite followed through with that so I’m doing a few before finishing up my three part post on the “Home Hacker’s Network”. These are all just little hacks I’ve come across and modified to suit my needs. I like this one a bunch as it gives me a nice shell prompt when I login as well as when I use screen (although the gnu screen configuration part is mutually exclusive to the shell modification part).

So lets get started…
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GNS3 on Ubuntu 8.04 – Install Guide

GNS3 is a frontend for dynagen (which is a scripting language for dynamips). Getting it to work nicely in Ubuntu was a bit of a pain in the arse but I was able to get it to work in a manner I’m happy with. This setup will essentially encapsulate a large portion of the install to one directory in /opt. Some libraries and executables will be installed through apt though, but not many. I previously wrote part of a writeup for this on Ubuntu 7.10, I’d ignore that in favor of this one which is much more up to date and polished.
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