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Lync Book Review: Lync Server Cookbook

I had planned to purchase this book at some point but instead was pleasantly surprised by an offer from one of the authors to provide an objective review of ‘Lync Server Cookbook‘! As I have worked with the product in some form since LCS/OCS days I believe I can speak with some authority on subject matter and readily agreed. With that being said, lets start with the book’s overarching scope and structure.

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Book Review: PowerShell 3.0 Advanced Administration Handbook

A fast-paced PowerShell guide with real-world scenarios and detailed solutions

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Defining Best of Breed in IT


Soon I’ll be starting a new position with a company which produces some of the highest quality products in their industry. The company’s products are of such high quality that they typically set the bar in their industry. This made me think of what a truly comprises an excellent solution within the Information Technology.  This article is a non-technical personal view of what defines the “Best of breed” technical solutions.

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Chicago Commuting Dictionary: New Definitions

I found myself subjected to the commuting lifestyle again for a recent Lync 2010 deployment I’ve been working on. I realized that after several months without commuting that I had forgotten just how funny it is to experience the commuter’s lifestyle. So I’m continuing my Chicago Commuting Dictionary so that others may be able to understand this weird weird world should they find themselves within it…

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Linux: Headless Ubuntu Torrent Home Server

So it got to that time of the year where I feel the itch to upgrade my aging home server. I assessed the situation and realized that, for what it does, my current server does not need any kind of hardware upgrade. So I just decided to rebuild it with Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit and change up the server software a bit to be more accessible to my wife as well as to be a bit more modern (torrentflux and derivatives have been dead for a while now).

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CSS: Pretty Code Snippet Formatting

I forgot where I dredged this up from but here is how I do my code/script posts. I modified the default theme css and add the following for pre-formatted text:

Funny: Microsoft Goes Chick-Flick

My wife saw this on my laptop screen while we were on a plane trip. She pointed to it, and said “Awwwww!!” as if I were reading a book on relationships rather than a technical pdf going over general SCOM 2007 concepts.

Misunderstood Technical Paper

Microsoft gets a bit soft...

Chicago Commuting Dictionary: The Pretty Train

The Pretty Train – In my previous definition I described the extremely early, zombie-warrior-commuter filled  Ugly Train. You will be surprised to find out that not even two hours after the ugly train takes its passengers towards their daily penance of work and suffering, a diatonic opposite happy transport on rails totes its gleeful passengers to and from the exact same locations. This, my friends, is the pretty train!

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Chicago Commuting Dictionary: The Ugly Train

I think that commuting is starting to drive me a bit crazy. I’m going to vent a bit in the form of a dictionary of what I’ve noticed in the last 2 years working in the city. I’ll start with train types. There are a few kinds of trains that a Chicago commuter can take and I have a name for all of them. Today we are going to talk about the appropriately named “Ugly Train”.

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