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Enhanced Remote Server Connectivity Testing With Powershell

Test the following connectivity methods to a server: RDP, ping, rpc, wsman, sccm agent, scom agent, and remote registry. Optionally an alternate credential can be used. Versatility is added with options to return only true/false when singular tests are performed.

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Use Powershell to Gather Disk/Partition/Mount Point Information

I put together a function for remotely gathering Windows disk information. This was specifically written to accommodate alternate credentials. This script also accounts for the glaring disconnect between win32_Volume and win32_DiskDrive within WMI.

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Audit User Profile Folders With Powershell

This function will aggregate sub-folders within a folder on a server and attempt to associate them with user IDs within a domain and provide additional information. This script can also be used to move folders for disabled or non-existent accounts.

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VMware: VMware Report Generation GUI

Its been a while since I posted something new. This GUI is meant to configure regular vmware report generation. You are able to select reporting scoped to the whole farm down to individual hosts. Reports can be emailed or saved and be generated based on custom thresholds.

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Exchange: Co-existence Client Access Preparation Report

If you upgrade Exchange in a co-existence scenario (you want to keep the same client access namespace) there is one crucial moment of truth which must be overcome. This is the phase of the migration I’ve come to call the “dns flip-over” or the “client access part”. Without preparation this part of the migration can be a real headache as issues are directly experienced by your end users.  This is a simple report card you can use to prepare you for this moment.

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VMware: Migrating a vCenter virtual appliance to a vCenter Windows server

I finally bit the bullet and migrated my lab from a vCenter virtual appliance to a vCenter Windows server. This is what I did to maintain all my settings and not disrupt any currently running VMs.

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Defining Best of Breed in IT


Soon I’ll be starting a new position with a company which produces some of the highest quality products in their industry. The company’s products are of such high quality that they typically set the bar in their industry. This made me think of what a truly comprises an excellent solution within the Information Technology.  This article is a non-technical personal view of what defines the “Best of breed” technical solutions.

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Create Your Own Network Assessment Appliance: Additional Tools


I previously did a write up on a personal virtual machine I like to keep at hand for performing network analysis and discovery. I’ve since added a few tools to the VM and documented how they were installed so I figured I’d share on how it was done. Even if you don’t setup everything in this post it may be worthwhile to glance through it for some network engineering tools which are free to setup and use but not highly publicized. Anyone who cares to read this post has likely heard of Solarwinds but I highly doubt you have heard of all the tools in this list (let alone how to set them up). Regardless, I’ll start with a tool anyone worth their salt has heard of though, Cacti…

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Exchange – The State Of External Client Access


Most within the messaging and collaboration industry are hyped up about the next wave of Microsoft collaboration and messaging products which are soon to be released. Among these products is Exchange 2013 RTM. This type of release typically precedes yet another wave of architecture upgrades across the corporate landscape. Some of these (beta testers) will be will undoubtedly upgrade to Exchange 2013.

Other corporations will start to feel the burn to upgrade as well. These will be organizations which realize that their Exchange 2003/2007 infrastructure is nearing a decade old existence and cannot meet the demands of their ever growing mobile workforce. Realizing they are behind the curve, they may feel hastened to upgrade as well, possibly just to Exchange 2010. Regardless the reason in choosing to upgrade their messaging infrastructure, there are critical design decisions which need to be made in how clients access this infrastructure both internally and externally. This article focuses solely on the external access aspect of the infrastructure.

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Exchange 2010: Automated Firewall Rule Generation 1.5

Just some aesthetic changes for upload to the Microsoft scripting repository. Biggest addition is the ability to run the script without parameters (just upgrade the included environment csv to your liking and run the script). Other big addition is the help section.



At the Microsoft Script Repository


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