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AD Audit Report with Powershell: Part 3

This is my third and final major update to my AD auditing script. This includes a handful of new useful sections such as domain published printers, NPS servers, DHCP servers, as well as SCCM sites and DPs. Other improvements include easier to use script parameters and bug fixes.

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AD Audit Report With Powershell: Part 2

I’ve updated my AD auditing report. The forest level report now includes AD integrated zones, GPOs, and fixed code to conform to strict v2 Powershell. I’ve also included a new domain level report! This report provides some user/group stats, all privileged group membership, and more.

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Active Directory Audit Report With Powershell

Not too long ago I wrote a quick post on how easy it is to gather information from AD. As a case in point example I provided a script to gather all the disabled user accounts which are still assigned Lync IDs. In this script I take it one step further and provide a full blown Active Directory reporting script which can be produced with any non-privileged domain user account.

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OCS 2007 R2: CRL Issue Causing Address Book Download Error

I ran into this issue recently. End users experienced a red splat in communicator exhibiting that there was an issue syncing the corporate address book. I found this excellent article explaining how an invalid Certificate Revocation List error may be causing this issue. My issue was slightly similar in nature but with some caveats.

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Run Updates = Rocket Science

So, I just recently tried to do some basic updates for ocs 2007 R2 by running the venerable “serverupdateinstaller.exe” found HERE. Thank goodness I setup a highly redundant load balanced farm of front end servers as the first server updated immediately had issues with the front-end services starting. Wow, updates strike again (other stories forthcoming soon, I promise).

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Exchange 2010 SP1: Web Services Fix

I’m utilizing 2 CAS servers behind an F5 load balancer and was finding that a migrated user to my new CAS array would get a red spat in communicator and get authorization prompts for the autodiscover url. I fixed it, finally, just today.

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OCS 2007 R2: Quick Script

I ran across this in one of the documents I wrote up while doing a side by side migration of our office communication server 2007  pool to 2007 R2. It is a quick script to automate the process of creating and assigning permissions for the shares needed in the front end server installation. I wrote it pretty quickly so use at your own discretion of course. Save as a .cmd or .bat and run directly on the front end server.

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