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Powershell: WPF/Treeview OU Selection Dialog

This is a self-contained organizational unit selection dialog box using powershell, xaml, wpf, and ADSI. Should be useful in any number of one off Powershell projects I imagine.

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Exchange: Receive Connector Tango! – Part 2

In part 1 of this series I discussed some basic knowledge requirements to get a better grip on receive connectors in Exchange. I continue that conversation with some examples of improperly configured connectors and the issues they may cause. I finish up the discussion with a script you can use to scan your environment for such configurations. »Read More

Exchange: Auto Batching 2013 Migrations

Here is a quick script I put together for automatically creating Exchange 2013 mailbox migration batches. This is useful for the final stages of an Exchange 2013 upgrade among other things.

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AD Audit Report With Powershell: Part 2

I’ve updated my AD auditing report. The forest level report now includes AD integrated zones, GPOs, and fixed code to conform to strict v2 Powershell. I’ve also included a new domain level report! This report provides some user/group stats, all privileged group membership, and more.

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Excel and HTML Asset Reports With Powershell

This set of powershell functions collates and generates reports upon system information it gathers. Information gathered includes hardware health, system information, networking information and much much more. Multiple types of html reports can be generated and all data can be exported directly to an excel workbook, saved as individual reports, and emailed.

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Audit User Profile Folders With Powershell

This function will aggregate sub-folders within a folder on a server and attempt to associate them with user IDs within a domain and provide additional information. This script can also be used to move folders for disabled or non-existent accounts.

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Exchange: Mailbox GUI

Exchange 2010 Mailbox GUI

A powershell GUI for selecting and performing actions against multiple Exchange mailboxes.

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Exchange – The State Of External Client Access


Most within the messaging and collaboration industry are hyped up about the next wave of Microsoft collaboration and messaging products which are soon to be released. Among these products is Exchange 2013 RTM. This type of release typically precedes yet another wave of architecture upgrades across the corporate landscape. Some of these (beta testers) will be will undoubtedly upgrade to Exchange 2013.

Other corporations will start to feel the burn to upgrade as well. These will be organizations which realize that their Exchange 2003/2007 infrastructure is nearing a decade old existence and cannot meet the demands of their ever growing mobile workforce. Realizing they are behind the curve, they may feel hastened to upgrade as well, possibly just to Exchange 2010. Regardless the reason in choosing to upgrade their messaging infrastructure, there are critical design decisions which need to be made in how clients access this infrastructure both internally and externally. This article focuses solely on the external access aspect of the infrastructure.

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Exchange: Automatically Generating Configuration Scripts

I’ve started a side project which is born from personally having to redo many aspects of an Exchange migration over and over again. Most of this, I believe, can be automated. Some aspects of this process include exchange server role prerequisite procedures, co-existence configuration, DAG/CAS configuration, and other general reminders and processes.

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Exchange 2010: Even More Migration Tips

It has been a while since I passed on some personal experiences when performing Exchange 2010 migrations. I thought it was about time to update my list to include some more of the lesser known aspects of an Exchange 2010 migration.

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