Exchange: Auto Batching 2013 Migrations

Here is a quick script I put together for automatically creating Exchange 2013 mailbox migration batches. This is useful for the final stages of an Exchange 2013 upgrade among other things.


It was pretty easy to batch up mailboxes with powershell for click-to-release migrations in the Exchange 2010 admin console. With Exchange 2013 the interface has changed to a concept called ‘batching’. With this change so too does your migration strategy have to change. I’ve put together a script (in a hurry) which allows you to specify several variables for automatically creating batches for migration purposes. You can use this script to create the CSVs and commands to import them. As this is just a quick hack I’m only going to post the code here for your convenience.

This script will create multiple csv files for importing into the new-migrationbatch command. The commands for creating the batches will be dropped into a text file in the same directory for you to manually inspect and run. By default new migration batches do not automatically begin so they will just sit there in ECP waiting for someone to start the migrations.

I put this together in like 20 minutes so obviously use this at your own discretion.

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