Big-IP F5 LTM Load Balancer Documentation Script with Powershell

Here is a script I whipped up to perform a report on your Big-IP LTM load balancers using powershell. The report currently includes the virtual servers, pools, and various bits of status information on both. Big-IP iControl modules are needed (for obvious reasons).


The following information is gathered and shown in the report which is generated:

  • Virtual Server Summary
    • Virtual server name
    • Address
    • Port
    • Pool
    • Enable state
    • Availability
  • Virtual Server Details
    • Virtual server name
    • Persistence profile
    • iRules
  • Pools
    • Pool name
    • Active members
    • Enable state
    • Availability
    • Load balance method
  • Pool Members
    • Pool name
    • Address
    • Port
    • Total connections
    • Current connections
    • Bytes in
    • Enable state
    • Availability


Version 1.0.0 – 01/02/2014

  • Initial Release


  • The script requires powershell 3.0 as well as .Net 3.5 for Linq to be able to highlight HTML table cells.
  • I’ve decided to try out something new and put a wrapper around the entire script to allow for calling the script directly from a powershell console without modification. This gives you the most common report options with as few parameters as possible and should help simplify usage. To run the script without any modifications at all simply run it with the -PromptForInput option.



Download the most recent version of this script at the Microsoft Technet Gallery

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  1. 12:17 PM, 12/18/2015D.Nguyen  / Reply

    Hi Zachary, my F5 LTM configured with 6 different name in partion. The script report for only the top one. I’m only know a little about powershell, still learning. How would I modify the script to report for all the name on partion?


    • 10:55 AM, 01/22/2016Zachary Loeber  / Reply

      Sorry, I no longer have access to an F5 to test this against so I’m not certain how the script might be updated to suit your needs.

  2. 3:41 PM, 03/16/2014Chris  / Reply

    Neejnjnjknkjnkjnkjnkj Need to run the report against 4-5 app pools and then get task scheduler to mail me the report. Can you help with the input variables on where to enter them for deviceip, username, password, apppool name 1, smtp server info.. Thanks

  3. 3:38 PM, 03/16/2014Chris  / Reply


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