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This site is a collection of some of the things that I’m working on put in “How To” format to possibly assist others. In reality, most of the posted items here are an attempt to document things I’ve already done some time ago and might need to do again in the future. Most of what you find on this site will be technology related. I believe strongly that what makes a good IT person is the ability to find the right tool for a situation. Therefore you have to know what your tools are and unobjectively gauge their value for any given job. Windows vs. Linux, VMware vs. VirtualBox, IE vs. Firefox…. you will never see any of that at my site as I use them all! My articles may be more veered towards one technology or another simply based on what I feel I need to document at the moment.

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  1. 5:15 AM, 12/06/2013Himanshu  / Reply

    Hello Zach,

    I checked your NewADAsset report its awesome!, however it would be great if you could share your contact details as I have more info which can be added to it which will take it to a different level altogether

    What say!

  2. 7:55 AM, 10/19/2013Peter Kriegel  / Reply

    Hi Zachary!

    i my point of view you are a new PowerShell shooting star!
    Please provide a RSS feed on your blog and your social account to make following you easier.

    Greets Peter Kriegel

    • 9:19 PM, 10/20/2013Zachary Loeber  / Reply

      Thanks Peter, glad to give back to the community a little. Any kind of RSS feed in particular?

      • 1:38 AM, 10/21/2013Peter Kriegel  / Reply

        I need no particular feed. I am not only interested in PowerShell I am interested in IT and different thoughts. Start to offer a feed is better then no feed šŸ˜‰
        Every WordPress Blog has the build in (hidden) feed.
        See here:
        Make it public with a RSS logo on your Page! So it is easy for visitors to subscribe to the feed.
        Your feed Url is:

        Take a look on my Blog I have the icons of the social systems who you can follow me on the right upper corner.

        Some people like to stay in touch with you and without a fan community it make only the half fun…

  3. 6:55 AM, 07/05/2013Kumar  / Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I want my file server path which is mapped for all users in ad. I want to check folder size, Last modified date and time by which user. Can you please help me in this.


    • 12:43 PM, 07/08/2013Zachary Loeber  / Reply

      To get the user who last modified a file you are looking at file level system auditing which is outside the range of this script (by a large measure).

  4. 1:14 PM, 05/30/2013Jim Johnson  / Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experience on these issues. I am a Python guy with minimal network admin experience that needs to gather stats for downloaded files from our remote servers. After poking around a bit I found Shinkin as a potential vehicle for data gathering. I currently have a Python utility using wget on Windows to retrieve files, and I now need to know who gets which file when. Do you recommend any alternative methods?

    • 2:55 PM, 06/02/2013Zachary Loeber  / Reply

      Jim, I think what you are asking for is more of defining a process than any specific technology. I suppose you may get some use out of a workflow management solution in this scenario but I’ve no specific recommendation on one unfortunantely.

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